James Stewart LLB Dip LP NP

James started out his career in criminal defence after securing a traineeship with Belmonte & Co in 2007. He thereafter began working as a qualified assistant with Nigel Beaumont and Co in 2009. James spent 6 years as an assistant with Nigel Beaumont and Co before becoming an Associate at the firm in 2015. James left the firm in 2017 to pursue his own interests in setting up a criminal defence practice in Edinburgh.

James has a wealth of experience in criminal defence renowned for arguing new and complex points of law. Well respected as a trial lawyer at Sheriff and Jury level and Summary level. With his skill, dedication and determination he will ensure the best possible outcome for you, your friend, relative or loved ones case.


Peter O'Neill MA (Hons) LLB Dip LP

Peter grew up in the Leith area of Edinburgh and after attending Trinity Academy, studied history at the University of Glasgow. After he graduated Peter spent a year working in finance which was long enough and he realised that he need a change.

In 2004 he began studying for an accelerated law degree at the University of Edinburgh graduating after completing his degree and diploma in legal practise in 2007. He thereafter began his traineeship at Fairbairns where he was trained in the art of criminal defence by Robert Fairbairn. Peter spent ten years working at Fairbairns starting as a trainee and working his way up to being the firm’s Senior Associate.

Throughout his career Peter has worked on numerous murders, rapes and drug cases down to dealing with speeding and just about everything in between. This breadth of experience has left him with a determined and client focused view on criminal defence. It is his belief that the client is the most important person in this process and must be fully involved throughout the case. A fair minded and approachable person, Peter will always do what is necessary to help his clients get the best results possible.

Peter has been married to his wife Jayne for 10 years and they have a young son.

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